The Academy offers educational leaders two different programs to grow in your leadership role. The Foundation Academy, for the emerging leader, and the Advanced Academy, for the estabilished leader.

About the Foundation Academy:

As new and emerging leaders, Foundation Academy participants engage in a journey of self-discovery and development that builds on two key themes: “Know yourself” and “Know your world”. Based on the concept of training over time, participants utilize knowledge and insight about themselves to expand case studies and discussions relevant to the demands placed on higher education and organizational leaders. Each session integrates theoretical leadership concepts and practical experiences, allowing participants to thoroughly understand, internalize, and apply leadership models and competencies.

Four basic criteria are incorporated in both the design and delivery of the Foundation Academy:

  • Active engagement of participants
  • Meaningful and relevant curriculum
  • Content that is useful and applicable to learning in the job setting
  • Measurable development outcomes

About the Advanced Academy:

The Advanced Academy is learner-centered and designed to help leaders think big and adapt quickly, develop and execute strategy, coach and improve performance, and reframe situations for better decision making. Participants are actively involved in discussion groups, situational experiments, and development outcomes, with meaningful opportunities to reflect on, clarify, and debate issues relevant to the dynamics of higher education and organizational culture.

Feature and design criteria incorporated throughout the program:

  • Active and engaged participant contribution
  • Meaningful, thought-provoking, and relevant curriculum and case studies
  • Practical and applicable strategies, resources, and projects for continuous learning
  • Measurable development outcomes
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Advanced Arizona 2022-2023 Part 1

Part 1: February 23-25, 2022

This event will be in an IN-PERSON event.  South Mountain Community College 7050 S. 24th St Phoenix, AZ 85042


Foundation Arizona 2022-2023 Part 1

Part 1: February 14-18, 2022

This event will be a IN-PERSON event.

South Mountain Community College 7050 S. 24th St Phoenix, AZ 85042


Foundation October 2021-2022 Part 1

Part 1: October 4-8, 2021

This event will be a VIRTUAL event.


Foundation New Jersey 2019-2021 Part 2

Part 2: In-Person
New Jersey Community College
Faculty and Staff Participation Only
October 25-29, 2021
Atlantic City, New Jersey


Foundation WLDI 2019-2021 Part 2

Part 2: September 13-17, 2021
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin