Become a Conference Sponsor

The Chair Academy invites your organization to become a Conference Sponsor for our Annual International Leadership Conference.

For the past 30 years, the Chair Academy has invested considerable energy in designing and delivering an international leadership conference that has collectively drawn over 10,000 attendees. Our continued commitment to building this community of leaders provides opportunities to share and collaborate universal leadership themes and trends that inspire engagement, belonging and positive change.

The constant theme from conferees is the appreciation for “high quality speakers, presenters, sessions and networking at an affordable conference rate.  This is always a priority when planning the annual event, and the Academy values the generous support and participation from our global communities.

The Academy has created four sponsorship tier levels that encourages a partnership committed to building a solid leadership foundation.  As you will notice, each tier level offers value and benefit opportunities for organizations to support their leaders continued professional development.

We invite you to consider conference sponsorship for 2021, and reach out with additional questions or inquiries.

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2021 Diamond Sponsorship

$10,000 commitment to 2021 Conference

2021 Gold Sponsorship

$3,500 commitment to 2021 Conference

2021 Platinum Sponsorship

$5,000 commitment to 2021 Conference

2021 Silver Sponsorship

$2,000 commitment to 2021 Conference